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Use Reclaimed Wood To Make An Accent Wall Inside Of Your Home

Reclaimed wood is highly desirable to homeowners who are passionate about turning their homes into visually appealing spaces. If you can find a dealer who is selling authentic reclaimed wood off the side of a barn, you may want to buy several pieces and consider the different ways to use them around your home. Known for its gray color and rustic finish, reclaimed wood can be a perfect material for an accent wall in your living room, home office, or even your bedroom. Here are some considerations for using this wood to cover just one wall in a room.

It Draws Attention

If you love the look of reclaimed wood, you might initially be thinking about covering each of the walls of a room in this material. Before you move forward with this idea, consider the merits of an accent wall instead. Covering just one of the room's four walls with reclaimed wood will help to draw attention to it. Conversely, if all of the walls were clad in wood, none of them would stand out individually. If you paint the three conventional walls in a color that complements the hue of the reclaimed wood, you'll have a space that is very visually engaging.

It Keeps Your Costs Low

Reclaimed wood, depending on its age and the story behind it, can often be pricey. If you're thinking about finishing an entire room in this wood, a quick cost calculation may let you know that such a project could carry a significant price tag. Choosing one wall for your reclaimed wood isn't just about making it a focal point. This approach can also help to keep the cost of your project within your budget.

It Won't Be Too Much

The idea of four walls covered in reclaimed wood might appeal to you in principle, but it's possible that you may not be happy with the end result upon doing this work. In addition to none of the walls standing out individually, the big concern here is that the space may appear too "woody." For example, if you like the look of wood, but don't want to feel as though you live in a wood cabin, this is exactly the feeling that you might get upon covering all four walls of a room with reclaimed wood. When you choose just one of the walls, however, the wood look won't be overwhelming.

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