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Getting A Video Sewer Inspection? What You Can Expect To Happen

Many plumbers use video inspection on sewers to find clogs and other problems with sewer pipes. This makes things much easier for the plumber and they can find the problem much faster. If your plumber has told you that they are going to do a video inspection of your sewer, below is information about what you can expect to happen.


There is not much you have to do to prepare for the video sewer inspection. You do need to ensure that your family is made aware of the upcoming inspection. This is because the plumber has to have a clear path in order for the sewer company to drive their truck onto your property. 

The plumber will need to have access to your water supply, which is generally in your yard somewhere. Depending on the way your sewer system is set up, the plumber may also have to get up on your roof in order to get access to your sewer lines.  

The plumber can tell you other things you may need to do before their arrival.

The Video Sewer Inspection

When the plumber arrives to your home they will first determine where your plumbing lines are located. Once they do this, the plumber has to determine where the access points are in order to get into the plumbing lines. A generator and the video camera are placed on a service truck, and this truck is driven to the access points the plumber located. 

The camera is attached to the trucks back bumper via a cable. A winch is attached to the end of the cable. The winch is what lowers the video inspection camera into the pipes. The winch will then pull the video camera out of the pipes. 

If the entrance to the pipe is too small for this type of video inspection, a camera is attached to the end of a long pipe. This pipe is then placed into the opening and pushed through in order to video the inside of the sewer pipes. A rope is attached to the end of the long pipe. When the video inspection is finished, the contractor pulls the rope to remove the camera. 

The plumber or the camera operator will record what the camera is showing on a display. Once the plumber receives all needed information from the camera, they will start the process of repairing your sewer pipes. 

Your plumber can give you much more information about doing a video sewer inspection of your sewer pipes.