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Are Metal Buildings Energy Efficient?

Thanks to the high thermal efficiency of metals, traditional metal structures could become too hot or too cool in the old days. However, much has changed since then and metals have become some of the most energy-efficient materials used in building construction. Energy efficiency is a big deal nowadays when it comes to buildings. Therefore, many people thinking about putting up a building are starting to consider metals as viable options. The energy efficiency of metals comes about in various dimensions.

Steel Production

When it comes to metal buildings, steel is the main metal to be considered. Of all the building materials in common use, none is more recyclable than steel. 100 percent of the steel that is used in buildings can still be reused even after the building is taken apart. This level of reuse and recycling limits the amount of energy that needs to be used to produce fresh steel.

Compared to a few decades ago, the amount of energy now used to produce steel has gone down by a significant amount. Even the water that's used in producing steel is recycled with some of the water being reused at very high rates.

More Energy Efficient Buildings

The energy efficiency of metals goes beyond the production. There are now several features in metal buildings that makes them highly energy efficient. These include:

  • Ability to reflect solar energy: This reduces the energy needed to cool the building

  • Modern insulation options: Insulation methods such as the use of rigid boards and fiberglass are compatible with steel and this has resulted in buildings with energy efficiency levels that are higher than coded requirements.

  • High-Precision Construction: Metal buildings can be designed and constructed to very precise dimensions. Therefore, problems such as poorly fitting windows and doors which cause energy loses are limited.

Durability Improves Energy Efficiency

One of the factors that contribute a lot to the energy efficiency of metal buildings is that they are more durable. Structures made from steel will easily outlast those made from other materials. This means that resources will not need to be used up to put up another building.

Additionally, many building materials may start to lose their energy efficiency due to general wearing, accidental damage and environmental conditions. On the other hand, metal buildings that have been put up by competent metal building contractors will retain many of their original qualities even after being in use for many years.