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Three Things To Consider When Designing A Custom Home

Building a custom home can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many features and design options available that it can be difficult to decide which ones to choose. To help make things a little easier and to ensure your custom home meets your current and future needs, here are three things to take into consideration when designing your house.

Your Future Life Stage

Quite possibly the most important thing you should take into consideration is what life stages you expect to be in during the time you're living in the home. The needs of someone in their thirties who wants to start a family will be vastly different than the needs of a person in their sixties with an empty nest and age-related health issues, for example. For the thirty-year-old, having a large kitchen and family room may be worth the extra money, while the sixty-year-old may want to place the master bedroom on the first floor to avoid having to deal with stairs.

It's a good idea to determine how long you plan on being in the home and factor in your needs or goals over that time period. For instance, if you hope to transition from a corporate job to your own work-at-home business, then you may want to have a den or library built into the home where you can run your company.

Societal Trends

According to information gathered by the National Association of Home Builders, people who purchase single-family homes will only live in them for an average of 13 years before they move. Even if you think you're building your forever home, you should spend some time researching societal trends and consider building in a few amenities that would attract future home buyers.

For instance, a survey conducted by New Home Source found that 91 percent of respondents indicated they wanted to incorporate smart home technology, such as video doorbells and app-controlled thermostats, into their houses. As Millennials and the other internet-connected generations after them grow older and become homeowners, they will expect the houses they buy to have some type of technological enhancement.

Thus, if you want to ensure your home can compete on the market when it comes time to sell, you should research the smart home tech available and incorporate as much as you feel comfortable having around.

Real estate agents are typically tapped into societal trends, so it may be worth your time to speak to one to get an idea of the types of things current and future homeowners may be looking for and plan your custom home design accordingly.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unless you plan on hiring someone to do it for you, you will be responsible for keeping your home clean and performing any maintenance required to keep it in good working order. Thus, you should choose amenities based on the amount of time and effort you want to put into maintaining them. For instance, hardwood floors look beautiful in homes. However, they show dirt and dust fairly easily and must be cleaned on a near daily basis.

This also applies to the exterior of your home. You may like the look of a landscaped yard with lots of bushes, trees, and flowers. However, you need to be prepared to spend your weekends trimming, watering, and gardening to keep it looking great, or hire a gardener to do the work for you.

Although building a custom home requires a lot of decision making, taking time to consider all the relevant factors ensures you'll get a house that fits your needs and lifestyle. For assistance with designing the perfect home for you, contact a local house builder at a company like Genuine Home Builders Inc.