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3 Important Safety Equipment For Roadside Construction Sites

Working roadside construction can be a dangerous job at times. With vehicles constantly passing by, you need a way to protect yourself and your crew. You can do just that when you incorporate the following safety gear onto the work site. 

Crash Trucks with Impact Attenuators 

No matter what signs are set up, there are some motorists who accidentally enter the work zone. To prevent them from causing severe, even fatal, accidents, you need to have crash trucks with impact attenuators. These heavy-duty trucks can be set up in high-traffic areas, shielding workers from potential traffic collisions. 

These trucks are so effective thanks to their impact attenuators, otherwise known as crash cushions. They are designed to absorb the kinetic energy of the object or vehicle that hits them. Additionally, these cushions can be used to redirect oncoming vehicles away from a busy work zone. 

Generally, these trucks are placed in front of overpass supports, structures near highways, and any other high-traffic work areas.

LED Message Boards

When working in a construction zone, you want to warn oncoming drivers ahead of time. They can then adjust their speed and be extra vigilant when driving in these areas. Warning drivers is simple when you set up LED message boards.

These boards can be programmed to say pretty much anything safety-related, such as slow down or use caution ahead. The LED lights are bright and energy-efficient, allowing your construction company to save on energy costs each month while providing life-saving warnings. 

When looking for one of these message boards, try getting one with a lightweight, portable design. You'll then have an easier time moving the board to different construction sites. 

Water-Filled Barricades

If you're looking for cost-effective ways to protect construction workers, you can invest in water-filled barricades. As their name suggests, these barricades can be filled with water to provide structural support. The water-filled design also better protects motorists that crash, compared to traditional barricades made out of concrete and industrial steel.

When these barricades are not filled with water, they are lightweight and can be easily transported to different work areas. There are multiple sizes for you to select from as well, depending on your company's budget. 

The safety of your construction workers should never be overlooked. Ease their apprehension and keep them safe by setting up the right safety equipment near the construction zone. Extra safety precautions go a long way in creating a safe environment for all. Contact a company, like Stripes & Stops Company, Inc., for more help.