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Didn't Take Good Care Of Your In-Ground Pool This Summer? Tips To Get It Back In Good Shape

If you have a pool in your backyard that you didn't take care of it is likely in bad shape.  This is because there are many maintenance steps you have to take throughout the swimming season. Fortunately, you can get your pool back in good shape again so you can enjoy it next year. Below are two ways you can do this to help you get started:

Remove Debris

If there is any kind of debris in the pool, you need to remove it before you do anything. Use a leaf net to do this instead of using a hand skimmer. A hand skimmer is much harder to use and it will cause the debris to float all over the pool. This makes it much harder to clean.

You should not vacuum the pool if there is a lot of debris in it. If you do, you may clog the underground pipes, filter, or the skimmer. If you do not have a lot of debris, you can use a vacuum, however.

Remove Algae

The water may be green and there are likely algae growing on top of the water, as well on the sides of the pool. The best way to remove the algae is to shock your pool. This uses chlorine so it removes all algae as well as any bacteria growing in the pool.

If the algae in your pool is black, you need to use an ammonia algaecide. This is because black algae are much harder to get rid of than the other types. The product your purchase will come with complete instructions on how to use it.

There are likely algae growing on the sides of the pool also. To remove this, use a pool brush to scrub the sides. This will take a lot of time but it is worth the effort. Purchase a brush that is specifically made for this purpose. It will have a handle that is long enough for you to get all sides, including in the deep end.  You also may have to clean the bottom of the pool as algae is likely growing there also.

If your pool is in very bad shape, contact a pool company to clean it for you. They may have to drain the water completely to properly clean the pool. They can then give you many tips on how to shut the pool down for the winter, as well as how to take proper care of it in the summer.

Contact a company like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. for more information and assistance.