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Designing Your Dream Farmhouse? 4 Great Trends To Kick It Up A Notch

A farmhouse is the perfect marriage of a cozy past and a comfortable present. This rustic style has maintained popularity both in rural and urban areas largely due to its timeless accents. As you and your custom farmhouse builder design your custom farmhouse, here are 4 gorgeous trends to build into it:

Jewel Colors. Few things give the sense of warmth and richness that a heavy jewel tone does. Dark greens are a favorite of many designers these days, and they go perfectly with both the dark and light woods of modern farmhouses. You could also opt for other fun gem hues like deep reds, roses, and dark blues, but green shades lend an earthiness that these other don't. Want to add a special level of cozy comfort? Try adding in a few pieces of velvet upholstery to warm things up. 

Sliding Doors. Barn style sliding doors combine both form and function. They allow you to close off some parts of your house or open up others, depending on your needs. And these rustic homages to days past honor the farm tradition in a stylish way. You can use barn style doors in nearly any room of the home, but they go particularly well in master suites and dining room/living room division. You'll need some extra space to use a sliding door, so talk with your custom farmhouse builder before deciding where to install them. 

Quilted and Homespun Accents. Of course, the farm was traditionally decorated by a homeowner who didn't have access to a lot of money or designer accessories. This means that there were a lot of homemade décor objects, and quilts were a mainstay of the style. Modern farmhouse designers love these types of touches--particularly quilts--especially when they reflect the local artists and culture. Along with your builder, look for ways to pay homage to local designers and artists with wall art, molding and trim, wood carvings, and furnishings.

Relaxation Spots. The country lifestyle should be a haven from the demands of modern life. Your farmhouse is your opportunity to build in a relaxing getaway. Master suites should be the ultimate in tech-free, throwback retreats. Feel free to make this a hidden part of the house design, away from kids' rooms and public entertainment spaces. You may want to accentuate the intimacy of any relaxing space by adding flowing cotton or lacy textures, wooden beams, bay windows, or hidden reading nooks. 

The beauty of a farmhouse lies in representing all things natural, earthy, and local. It's a way to reconnect with nature and yourself. And by including these fun trends in your new design, you can create a place you'll love to call home.