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5 Tips For Selecting New Kitchen Cabinets

If you have been living with an old, outdated kitchen, remodeling it can be a dream come true. Replacing the cabinets in your kitchen can use a big portion of your remodeling budget, so it is important to choose the perfect cabinets if you want to be completely satisfied with your new kitchen. Use the following tips to help you select the right kitchen cabinets:

View the Cabinets in Person

You can get a lot of inspiration by looking at cabinets online or in magazines, and your contractor can provide samples of different types of cabinet materials, but it is in your best interest to view cabinets in person before deciding to purchase them for your new kitchen. Take the time to visit a kitchen design showroom like Sunrise Cabinetry Sales to look at all of your options and narrow down your choices to the one you love best.

Door Style

The doors on your cabinets are very visible, so most people pay close attention to the door styles when looking for new kitchen cabinets. The doors on kitchen cabinets can transform the style of cabinets, making them look traditional, country, or ultra-modern. If you love kitchen cabinets with raised panels, beading, and other decorative details, keep in mind that these are often more expensive, so you will need to budget accordingly.


Since kitchen remodels can be quite expensive, most people go years between completely upgrading their kitchens. When deciding on cabinets, it is important to think about the finish and color, and you should select something that you can be happy living with for several years. Beware of trendy finishes, since trends tend to change quickly-- the last thing you want is for your new kitchen to look outdated in just a couple of years.


Hardware can make a huge difference in the appearance of kitchen cabinets, so decide if you would like to incorporate hardware into your kitchen remodel. Some new kitchen cabinets come with hardware already installed by the manufacturer. If you fall in love with a specific style of cabinet but it does not include hardware, speak to your contractor about adding hardware to your cabinets after they are installed.

Ease of Care

Think about your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen before selecting new kitchen cabinets. You may think that white kitchen cabinets look great in a kitchen, but if you have young children you may want to refrain from white since little hands can easily make the cabinets dirty. Pick out cabinets that are easy for your to care for and do not need to be dusted and cleaned all of the time.