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Floor Cleaning 101: 3 Helpful Tips For Removing Stains

Your home flooring is resilient. However, it is not stain-proof. Even with regular care and cleaning, one spill can stain your beautiful flooring. This may be frustrating, especially if you have guests arriving. Luckily, you can clean most floor stains yourself with a bit of effort. A good cleanser and these three tips will have your floor looking as good as new:

1. Always Perform a Test

Before you begin cleaning a large stain on your floor, make sure you perform a test in a hidden area. This might sound odd, but it is very important. Scrubs and harsh chemicals may leave an even worse stain. So always apply and wash away the cleanser in a small or hidden area before you take on the big stain. This will ensure that your flooring won't look worse or encounter other issues.

If you are going to use a strong cleanser, you might want to dilute it as well. This will make it much easier to rinse away after you've cleaned the floor.

2. Use Cool Water

Another helpful tip is to clean your floors with cool or room temperature water. This might sound odd, as hot water is typically used to clean things. However, cool water works better on stains. This is because hot water may cause the stain to expand or set in to the floor. So always clean and rinse your flooring with cool water.

3. Use The Proper Tools

Finally, make sure that you are using the right tools for the job. While you might think that you can use all types of tools on any flooring, you can't. Some cleaning tools may damage a specific type of flooring. As you might expect, the proper tools for cleaning your floor will depend on the type of flooring you have.

For example, tile flooring should be cleaned with a soft mop or nylon pad. A nylon pad should be used for stains, while the soft mop should be used for daily cleaning. If you do not know what type of tools you should be using, ask a flooring contractor.

While cleaning your floor and getting rid of stains might seem difficult, it doesn't have to be. With these tips and a good cleanser, you can remove most of your flooring stains yourself. If the stain is too large or you just don't have the time, you can contact a floor cleaning service like J Maintenance Co to do the job for you.