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Tips For Choosing A Water Treatment System

If you're thinking of installing a water treatment system, but haven't started your search, you will quickly learn that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. While the end goal is basically the same, there are several different types of water treatment systems which can make searching for one overwhelming. Here are some tips to help simplify the process and increase your confidence in your selection.

Investigate Your Water

Before purchasing a water treatment system, one of the first things you want to do is to investigate your water. Sure, all water treatment systems are designed to treat water. However, exactly what minerals they treat and just how aggressively they do so vary from unit to unit.

In order to ensure the unit can meet your needs, you first need to know what the makeup of your water is. To do this you can purchase your own water testing kit or you can hire a professional to come out and accurately test the water for you. Once you know your water makeup you can better target your efforts.

Know Your Water Usage

It's also a good idea to investigate your level of water usage in your home. This step is important not so much in terms of the function of the unit, but instead to ensure it can produce water at the rate at which you need it to.

Should you purchase a unit that is too small for your needs, you might be left with untreated water when you need it and selecting a unit that is too large is simply a waste of money. Investigate your water usage habits first so that you can purchase a unit that is sized appropriately.

Treatment Areas

You also want to consider the treatment areas you want to focus on. There are some units that are designed to serve the entire home and then there are those that are focused on certain areas. For example, some homeowners decide against a whole-home unit and instead have smaller units installed near their bathroom water fixtures.

Neither option is right or wrong, but instead focused on personal preference. Sit down and consider if you just want the water treated in certain areas or everywhere so that you can make a wiser selection.

Make sure you are taking your time when making your selection to ensure you find a water treatment unit that is best suited to meet your needs in both the short and long-term. A professional can help you along the way.