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3 Tips For Stabilizing The Soil In Your Yard

When it comes to maintaining the beauty of your home's exterior, landscaping can play a critical role. Homeowners often fail to realize the importance of protecting the soil that serves as the foundation for their home's landscape. Erosion can seriously compromise the beauty and function of your home's landscape.

Here are three simple things that you can do to help prevent soil erosion in your yard in the future.

1. Know your yard's soil profile.

When trying to determine the best way to prevent soil in your home's landscape from erosion, it can be beneficial to know the soil profile of your yard. Investing in a soil test will help you identify the types of materials that are present in your yard's soil.

Certain materials (like sand and clay) are more susceptible to erosion and will need an aggressive erosion-control strategy to remain intact. When you know if your yard's soil has a high percentage of sand or clay, you can mix in other materials to help decrease the likelihood of erosion in the future.

2. Control the flow of water in your yard.

Few things have the power to erode soil like water. In order to ensure that your home's landscape isn't ravaged by erosion, it's important that you take the steps necessary to control the flow of water in your yard. Be sure that your gutters and downspouts drain into a gravel slump so that they don't negatively affect the soil in your yard.

It can also be helpful to create catch basins where rainwater and excess water from your sprinkling system can be collected without overflowing. The catch basin allows water to seep into the soil's surface slowly over time, eliminating the potential for erosion that is created when water flows freely across your yard.

3. Plant the right foliage on sloped surfaces.

Sloped areas are particularly susceptible to damage caused by erosion. To prevent the soil on slopes in your yard from eroding away, you need to plant foliage with deep root systems.

Incorporating juniper, clematis, or artemisia into your landscape design ensures that you have plants with root systems that are deep enough to hold the soil in place on a sloped surface. You should see a significant reduction in soil loss once you plant the right foliage on your yard's sloped surfaces.

Erosion control should be something that all homeowners are aware of. Protect your home's landscape from erosion by investing in a soil test, controlling the flow of water on your property, and planting the right foliage on sloped surfaces. For more information, consider contacting companies like Geotech Solutions Inc.