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Compare and Contrast: Impact and Double-Pane Windows

If you are considering updating the windows in your home, two popular choices are double-pane and impact windows. However, they each provide unique benefits and are not necessarily equally appropriate for every home in every area. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information about those options, so that you can be sure that you have made the most appropriate choice for your needs. 

Understanding the Double-Pane Window

The double-pane window is often well known because of its ability to provide extra insulation to the home. It is important to note that they do provide some extra resistance to high winds or flying debris because they are thicker than the standard single-pane windows many homes still have. However, they are not appropriate or legal in some areas that are prone to hurricanes or other severe weather.  

Instead, they are often a better choice for homeowners who want to make ecologically responsible choices for their home and save money on their heating and cooling costs. They consist of two panes of glass that are separated by an area featuring an insulative gas. For extra protection against heat or cold, a double-pane window can receive external glazing.

Planning for Impact Windows

Impact windows are remarkably similar to double-paned windows, but tend to be the purchase of choice for homeowners in areas that are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes. They are also made of two or more panes of glass, but their panes are connected using plastic. They usually need to be installed in window areas that have been reinforced to allow for better support and protection against high winds. 

If you live in an area such as South Florida where hurricanes are common, there are laws that may impact your use of impact windows. For instance, your glass needs to be certified to stand up to specific wind speeds and debris so that if an object flying at a high rate of speed hits the window during a storm, the window is less likely to shatter. If windows do shatter, their construction allows the pieces to break apart and, thus, the damage is less likely to be deadly.           

In conclusion, the windows on your home can have an enormous impact on the safety of everyone inside the home and even the costs of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Check out http://www.gulfcoastbuildersinc.com for more information about which window you should install.