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Fixing Puck Dents in Your Garage Door

Any parent with a child that loves to play hockey knows that stray pucks are bound to find their way to a closed garage door. If shot with enough force, a stray puck can easily create a dent in the surface of your garage door.

If you notice some puck damage on the surface of your garage door, here are three simple tips that you can use to help you fix these dents. 

1. Pound out the dent.

Small dents can sometimes be pounded out with the help of a rubber hammer. Close the garage door and locate the dented area on the inside of the door. Place a small block of wood over the dented area, then pound this block of wood with a rubber hammer.

The wood block helps to absorb the blow of the hammer and distribute the force evenly over the surface area of the dent. Continue pounding until the dent has been pushed out and the surface of the garage door is even once again.

2. Fill in the dent.

If you are unable to pound the dent out of the surface of your garage door, then you may want to try filling in the concave area in order to create a smooth surface on your garage door's exterior. Auto body filler can be used to fill in the dented area.

Mix the filler according to the manufacturer's directions, then apply a generous amount to the concave surface of the dent. Smooth the filler with a piece of cardboard, let it harden, and then sand the area smooth before applying a fresh coat of paint to the entire exterior surface of the door. This process will help to camouflage puck-shaped dents in your garage door.

3. Replace the dented panel.

When you are unable to pound out a puck-shaped dent and you don't want the hassle of painting the whole door to camouflage a dent that has been filled in with auto body filler, you can opt to replace the damaged panel with a new one.

Contact a garage door manufacturer like Callahan Door and Window in your area to secure the parts if you feel comfortable completing the repair yourself, or partner with a reliable garage door technician to have the dented panel replaced by a professional.

If your kids have left puck-shaped dents on the surface of your garage door, you can easily remove these dents by pounding them out, filling them in, or replacing the dented panels.