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5 Tips For Designing Work Safety Signs

When running a work or construction business, it's important to keep your employees protected and aware of any potential danger. This is why safety signs should be displayed at the business or construction site whenever possible. Creating custom signs can help make employees aware of special situations, equipment, or areas that common signs are not available for.

As you order custom signs, there are multiple design tips you should follow. This will help with the use of the sign, readability, and effectiveness.

Sign Materials

The material you choose for your work safety signs is important for the durability. For example, if you have a foam sign placed outdoors, rain and snow can warp the sign and make it unreadable. Two different types of materials offer benefits for the workplace.

  • Aluminum: Lightweight and durable, aluminum is ideal for warehouses and exterior business locations. This metal has multiple types of thickness and can withstand a lot of wear.
  • Magnetic: Magnetic signs are ideal for placing on work vehicles or on large pieces of equipment at a construction site or warehouse. They have a flexible durability and can be cut into numerous sizes.


As you design the custom signs, you want to keep the sign as simple as possible. A basic message like "Danger" works, along with signs that simply display symbols on them.

When you are using symbols with the signs, make them as large as possible so they can be seen easily. A small border around the edges of the sign will naturally draw the eyes to center, so any potential hazard notices can be read as quickly as possible.

Sign Colors

As you choose colors for your sign, you want to keep the options as simple as possible. Limit your signs to two bold colors so they do not become too hard to read. Good color combinations for your signs include red and white, yellow and black, or black and white.

Keep the signs as uniform as possible so people can read and understand them. For example, choose a color theme like red and white for a majority of your signs. This can also help signs of a different color stand out even more. For example, if you have a new danger zone at your business, a yellow and black sign will stand out among all of the red and white signs.

Reflective Finishes

Ordering a reflective finish for your sign can help draw even more attention to it. There are variety of reflective finishes that you can add to your sign. It all depends on the type of reflection that you are looking for.

  • Anodized Finishes: Use a metal finish to help create a naturally reflective sign that can be noticed from far distances. Not only does it help in low light situations, but an anodized finish helps add longevity to the sign.
  • Reflective Films: Once the sign is created, a reflective film can be layered over the top of it. This film will help draw attention to the whole sign, especially as people are moving towards it.
  • Reflectors: Small circular reflectors can be attached to your sign on areas with no text or symbols. These reflectors can draw quick attention to your sign, especially at night.

Finishing Touches

The final steps in creating your custom sign is selecting from a variety of finishing touches. These extras can make it a lot easier to hang or display the sign.

  • Pre-cut Holes: A custom sign can be delivered with pre-cut holes so you can easily hang them or attach them to a metal pole.
  • Edges: Instead of creating additional safety hazards, hard edges of a sign can be trimmed down and rounded to offer additional protection.

Once your create your first sign, you will have a good idea of the type of signs you want to create in the future. It will make the ordering process a lot easier to complete. Click here to discover more on custom signs.