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When Winter Has Passed, Be Sure You Address These Two Important Furnace Cleaning Tasks

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When spring awakens after a long winter’s nap, the last thing on the mind of most homeowners is their gas furnace. After all, no one wants to be in a basement or cramped attic when they can be outside enjoying the warmer temperatures. However, before you put on that short-sleeved shirt and head for the yard, remember your gas furnace needs some attention when it is turned off for the last time until fall or winter. Below are two important cleaning tasks you should address when the winter is done: What needs to be cleaned Even though natural gas is clean burning, there are still opportunities for soot or other combustion products to appear inside your furnace and connected components. Two specific areas need your attention: the flame sensor and gas burner tubes. Both are particularly prone to accumulating...

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5 Examples Of Chain Link Fences

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If you have a chain link fence then you probably know how functional, secure, and affordable they are. Chain link fencing is not very popular for its style, and many people are looking for ways to camouflage their chain link fences with landscaping. However, chain link fencing provides many visual benefits and have created a visual culture of their own. Before you break out the flowers, take a look at these five examples of how plain chain link fences can be amazing visual statements.  Chain Link Fence Can Improve Your Health  One of the main benefits of chain link fencing is how secure it is, which is why it is often used, with strict safety guidelines, around prisons. However, one benefit original prison designers might not have been counting on is that chain link fencing can possibly improve inmate health...

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Mold On Your A/C Evaporator Coils? Here’s How To Deal With It

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If you’ve noticed your A/C isn’t as cool as it once was, it might be due to unforeseen mold growth. Mold is a menace that not only poses a health risk, but also degrades the overall performance of your HVAC system. The following deals with the underlying factors that promote mold growth, as well as ways you can put an end to it. How Mold Growth Takes Hold There’s nothing mold and mildew loves more than a nice, dark and damp place to flourish. Unfortunately, the environment inside your HVAC system’s indoor cabinet fits those requirements to a tee. As your A/C system operates, the evaporator coil is hard at work extracting heat from the air flow it receives via the blower fan and return air inlet. However, this process creates condensate, which drips off the evaporator coil and...

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