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Why Does Your Toilet’s Water Suddenly Look Brown?

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If your toilet’s water suddenly looks brown or discolored, you may have a plumbing emergency on your hands. Discolored toilet water can be a sign of clogged sewer pipes. If you don’t remove the clogs right away, the plumbing pipes of your bathroom can burst or crack from the pressure inside the clogged pipes. In addition, hard water minerals can leave the blockages and develop inside your toilet’s tank. Here’s how the toilet’s water became brown and what you can do to clear it up until your plumber arrives. Where Do Hard Water Minerals Come From? Hard water minerals like magnesium, manganese, iron, and calcium generally come from the cleansers and chemicals you use to clean your bathtub, sink and toilet. But many brands of toilet bowl cleaners don’t leave the toilet completely once you flush it. Some chemical gel cleansers coat...

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Keeping Your Dog Safe Before Flood Water Cleanup Begins

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If a stream, river, or lake causes flood waters to rush into your home, then it is wise to contact water cleanup experts to take care of the extremely dirty water in your house. If the experts cannot provide services immediately, then it is important to keep yourself and your family safe. If your home is still livable, then you and your children should stay away from areas exposed to flood waters. It can be easy to control the movements of your family, but if you have a dog, then it may go places inside and outside your home where it should not. Follow the tips below to make sure your dog is as safe as possible. Get Rid Of Food and Water Bowls Water restoration and cleanup experts come into your home and dry out all areas of the...

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