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3 Ways To Turn Your Screened Patio Into An Oasis

Do you have a screened patio in the back of your house that's just sitting there, unused? It's a shame to have all that space and not go out and enjoy it. Maybe the weather is too hot most of the time, or the sun beats down too directly on it. Maybe there is just nothing of interest to you on your patio. The good news is that you can change this. In fact, you can easily turn your patio into an outdoor oasis of tranquility and enjoyment with just a few changes and additions. Start living life in the sun and enjoying to outdoors as nature intended, all while being protected from bugs by your screen. Here's what to do.

1. Make the Area Liveable

Bringing the indoors outside seems to be all the rage these days, with fully equipped outdoor kitchens taking the lead. So why not have a realistic outdoor living room, too? Your screened patio provides the perfect setting for one.

If your patio has a screened roof, convert it to a covered one made out of wood or metal. Wire it for an overhead light and a ceiling fan, and install these things. Then, bring out the furniture. Use whatever makes a living room comfortable to you. Some suggestions include:

  • A sofa
  • Two or more plush chairs
  • A loveseat
  • A coffee table
  • A couple of end tables with lamps
  • A shag area rug
  • One or more floor lamps
  • A television

You can group the furniture together to create a space for cozy conversation, or for gathering to watch a movie or TV program with your friends and family, all while enjoying the fresh air of the outdoors. The new, solid roof ensures you're never rained out. With a patio living room, you're limited only be available space and your imagination.

2. Sleep On It

What better way to enjoy cool breezes on warm nights than with a porch you can sleep on? With a little redecorating, you can transform your patio into one that makes a safe, comfortable, and fun sleeping environment for kids and adults alike.

Like with a living room patio, the roof should be a solid material to keep out the rain. Roll-away privacy blinds all around the screen walls will provide security if your neighbors have a good view of your patio. Add a ceiling fan, some pretty rugs, floor lamps, bedside tables with reading lamps, some potted plastic plants and a little bit of artwork to liven the place up.

Your patio will then be ready for one or more beautifully made up beds. Use blankets and comforters of appropriate weight for the season, and you have a perfect place for children and teenager sleepovers, as well as a whimsical guest room.

3. Have a "Staycation" Any Day

Whenever you feel like escaping to a tropical island, your patio can substitute for one quite well. If you have an old swimming pool you never use, get an in ground pool repair company like Pool Service Co. to fix it up for you. It should sparkle like new when the repairs are done. You should add an in ground hot tub with a water fountain while you're at it, as it makes your patio more like an island hotel.

If you don't already have a pool, get one installed. According to LuxuryPools.com, your patio can be transformed into something similar to the pool area of a luxury hotel. Just add some deck chairs with tables for your cool tropical drinks, and a large umbrella-topped table for meals.

If you also add a grill for outdoor cooking, a mini-refrigerator for your snacks, some Tiki torches, mood lighting for after dark, and a couple of large fans to keep you cool, you will want to spend every day lounging in comfort on your reformed patio.


Don't let your patio go unused. It has so much potential. Just use one of these three luxury patio transformation ideas. Then, start enjoying your patio the way it was meant to be.